Royal Belgian Siphon Coffee Machine

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 Another vacuum coffee maker is a siphon coffee machine with a royal and elegant design. 

  • It works as a fully automatic function with the help of great texture noble metal.
  • The housing materials are stainless steel that carries high-quality features in it.
  • It seems completely like a scientific machine but gives the classic look with gold and silver touch color. 
  • Basically, the vacuum siphon coffee maker is especially used in party, restaurant and any hotel. 
  • It makes the elegant look as well as can used as a decorative piece of item. 
  • The huge tank capacity makes it easy to pour lots of cup of coffee at your party time.
  • These piece of coffee machine gives royal look with an outstanding gesture.
  • Tips that should be applied to your coffee maker device
  • Less or more we all drink coffee and we all have a coffee maker. But we have heard many complain that why the coffee makers don’t last long?
  • It only happens because you are not using it in the right way and not following the instructions. Let’s take a look at some tips that you should follow:
  • Use your coffee maker according to the user’s manual.
  • Do not put a funnel into a dishwasher or otherwise you may damage it.
  • Wash your device according to the instruction.
  • Put away the plug from switch after using the electric coffee machine.
  • Clean the coffee maker every after using the coffee maker.
  • Do not push or pull any button forcefully.
  • Do not rub too hard in the pot of coffee maker while cleaning that can damage the quality of material and would be very unhealthy to drink.

Product details:

  • Function: Cafe American
  • Housing Material: Glass
  • Capacity (Cup): 5-10 cups
  • Type: Vacuum Coffee Maker
  • Certification: CE
  • Color: Rose gold Silver
  • Housing Material: Stainless steel&glass
  • Design: Classic
  • Product name: Siphon coffee machine
  • Material: high-temperature resistant glass
  • Capacity (Cup): 500CC
  • Accessories: spoon burner/ wood stirrer/filtrate net
  • Treatment: Rose Gold-plating Silver plating
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