Mobile instant water heater / hot-water dispenser

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Some like it hot: this hot water dispenser reliably supplies households and offices with hot water whenever it is needed. 

There are many occasions when you need hot water: to brew a quick cup of tea at the desired temperature or to prepare instant soups with the exact amount of water needed. The handy stainless steel water tank of this mobile instant water heater holds up to 1.3 litres of water and is ideal not only for private households but also for the office. This hot-water dispenser, with dry-running and overheating protection, is very easy to operate: just screw the filled water bottle on top, set the 7-step temperature control to the desired temperature (45 to 95°C) and press the dispensing button - you will receive hot water at the perfect temperature very quickly. Handling this hot-water dispenser is child's play and quickly becomes a pleasant routine. But this instant water-heater is not only a hit for its ease of use, it also looks great. With its retro look, this hot-water dispenser is a pleasure to put on the table.


  • Volume: 1.3 litres
  • Temperature: 45 - 95 degrees Celsius
  • Extras: portable, child safety lock, quick heating

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