Cooling and warming gel mask against tired eyes, dark circles, bags under the eyes and sagging facial skin

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Long hours working at the computer, a cold or a sleepless night makes our complexion and eyes look pale and tired.

Especially in the morning the eyelids are swollen and reddened. But not only eyes betray the tiredness. But you can easily do something about it. Namely through cold or heat therapy with the gel mask. Here, the skin of the entire face and eye area is refreshed or warmed and appears smoother and firmer. The cold therapy revitalizes and relaxes the skin of the face. The dark circles under the eyes are reduced. The gel mask is also said to help bei migraines and headaches. To do this, place the gel mask in the refrigerator or freezer beforehand. If you take the mask from from the freezer, use the side of the cloth for your face to avoid frostbite. To warm the mask, a few seconds, no longer than 40 seconds, in the microwave is sufficient. Again, please place the fabric side of the mask on your skin. Thanks to the flexible Velcro fasteners, the mask fits every head perfectly. Allow yourself 5 to 10 minutes of relaxation and then enjoy a refreshed and recovered complexion.


  • Size: 23,5*19cm
  • Can be used hot and cold
  • With protective fabric flow

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