Lumbar Pillow / Memory Foam Back Pain Relief Pillow

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This High-quality memory foam pillow makes it possible!

  • Relieve the spine
  • Proper sitting and relaxed posture
  • The high-quality workmanship of this 100% real memory foam back cushion guarantees the highest health benefits and unparalleled longevity.
  • Use this ergonomic lumbar support pillow to give your back a protective hug.
  • It adapts to your body shape, aligns your spine correctly from, supports your correct posture and relieves cross pain!
  • With the ergonomic triple adjustable strap and the universal curved design, this modern backcare memory foam cushion Orthopaedic supports the spine and prevents cross pain.
  • Simply place at home, in the office, car, truck, bus, train or airplane on the chair rest.
  • It offers pleasant support for the lumbar area and ensures optimum comfort during long sitting.

Product details:

  • Weight: 0.5-1 kg
  • Color: Grey/Purple/Sapphire
  • Material: Jacquard/Velvet
  • Memory Foam Pillow

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