Paracord 550 Parachute Cord

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The Paracord (short for "parachute cord") was originally developed as a parachute cord for the American military.

But it was not long before these ropes found their way into the outdoor and survival scene due to their many assets. However, the spread of these ropes was far from over. Paracords are the all-rounders of ropes, which is why their popularity continues to grow steadily. Since they were originally developed as parachute cords for the military, they are robust and particularly tear-resistant. 

Animal lovers have also discovered Paracord as a craft material for themselves. Original dog leashes, dog collars or even horse accessories can be very braided and knotted from these robust, colorful ropes. The best known Paracord product is probably the bracelet. With the variety of ropes you can realize your ideas for little money and also with a lot of fun!


  • Length: 30.5 m
  • Tear-proof: 550lb
  • Paracord 550 with 7 core strands 

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