Handbags organizer/ pocket organizer from felt

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The handbag is the faithful companion of every woman.

But often the bags are in chaos, because after all, the handbag contains everything that could be needed in everyday life on the road. The Handbag Organizer is a tool that keeps your handbag tidy. With the Bag Organizer, even a full handbag is always kept in order and the owner can quickly find the necessary utensils. The search for lipstick, calendar or keys is forgotten with the pocket organizer. Big shoppers often collapse without contents and are then no eye-catcher. The pocket organizer gives the handbag stability and support and can thus support the shape and structure of the handbag.
The organizer from also consists of felt. The material can be cleaned quickly and easily and thus protects the actual bag from dirt.


  • Material: Felt
  • Color: Wine Red, Grey, Beige 
  • Size: Grosse: 34*17*18cm 
  • Medium:  30*16*16cm
  • Little one: 26*15*15cm 

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