Grill mat fromfibreglass/ non-stick back frommat fibreglass plastic/ BBQ net-foil

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Barbecuing is fun and tasty, but the subsequent cleaning of the barbecue is always quite laborious.

With the innovative grill mat fromfiberglass you can prepare your food in the grill or oven without using a tray and the subsequent cleaning is also omitted! Thanks to the grid structure, the hot air circulates better around your food and roasts it from all sides - without turning! Finally, enjoy the rust effect even with small pieces of treat. You lay the mat on your conventional rust - and nothing falls through the cracks anymore! Ideal for delicious chicken wings, mini sausages, vegetable sticks and Co. Heat-resistant up to an incredible 370°C, the mat in the BBQ goes through everything. Suitable for common baking trays, it can also be used for larger baking pieces such as roasts or spare ribs. As with conventional disposable baking paper, you can easily remove your delicious delicacies from your new non-stick baking mat, even with a low fat content. Wipe off any remaining food with a damp cloth.


  • Material : fibreglass
  • Heat resistant up to 370°C
  • Easy to clean, reusable

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