Set of 5 colourfully-patterned fabric panty liners incl. wet bag/ reusable fabric pads

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We women cannot avoid using certain hygiene products during our menstruation.

But for this too, there are now more environmentally-friendly alternatives to the usual tampons and panty liners; such as these pretty reusable fabric pads. These five panty liners are made of thin, breathable cotton and have a hidden layer of polyester to prevent leakage. They are closed with a snap fastener on the wings under the panties. This prevents them from slipping and gives you a safe, comfortable feeling. Women who often suffer from thrush will especially love these fabric pads because they are very breathable! After use, rinse the pad with cold water and store it in the supplied wet bag until the washing day. When traveling, used pads can simply be placed in the wet bag and rinsed out at home first.


  • Material: Upper layer and absorbent core: 100% Cottonwaterproof layer: 100 % polyester (coated with polyurethane)
  • Size: 18*18cm
  • Washable at 60°C
  • Do not use fabric softener

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