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A knee bandage is a protective and supporting brace for the knee joint. Knee bandages are used for the treatment of knee complaints, for rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries and can also be used prophylactically to protect against injuries and diseases.

This knee bandage provides support and stability through its supporting effect and protects the knee from external influences. The warming effect of the bandage can also relieve pain.

Knee braces vary depending on the type of design and the knee joint (e.g. by limitation) correcting, leading, straightening, fixing, securing as well as mobilizing.

Functions of knee braces:

Basically, knee braces have the three main functions: stabilization, protection and pain relief.

Stabilization: Knee bandages hold and support the joint, thus providing more stability and support. A kink to the side, the twisting of the joint or a strong overstretching during jogging, football or any other sport are prevented.

Protection of the knee: The padding of the bandage protects the knee from external influences in everyday life and during sports. Injuries to the joint, muscles and tendons are reduced.

Pain Relief: Knee bandages massage and warm up the knee joint and thus contribute to pain relief.

Light, breathable, long-lasting & easy-care sport bandage with anatomic fit and compression.


  • Material: Spandex
  • Model No: Sport Knee pads
  • Breathable

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