Strawberry knife / Strawberry carving set / Strawberry garnishing set

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Spring finally marks the beginning of strawberry season again!

Hardly anyone who can resist these bright red, sweet berries. No wonder, they are also just too delicious and on top of that also really healthy! Strawberries are especially popular as decorations for cakes and tarts. Unfortunately, the cutting work is often very time-consuming and tedious. Perfect support is now provided by this practical strawberry carving set. Thanks to the pen you can easily remove the stalk of the strawberry. Besides, this kitchen gadget also leaves more strawberry than if you cut off the head of the berry plus the stalk.

The slicer looks similar to an egg slicer ; and that's exactly how it works. Place the clean strawberry inside and press down the harp. The fruit gets cut into even slices and you can use them for your dessert or pastry as a delicious topping and decoration.


  • Material: plastic and metal
  • 2-piece garnish set
  • Please clean by hand

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