Peek-a-boo bear/animated teddy/Hiding toy/Teddy hides/plush bear 30cm/hide-and-seek

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Are you still looking for the ideal gift for your child? Who would not fall in love with this enchanting singing peek-a-boo plush animal? It is perfect as a gift! Whether for a baptism, a birthday or any other occasion.

With this cuddly teddy bear you will make any child happy, and for sure their parents as well! The Peek-a-boo toy is meant for babies. Besides its sweet appearance, this is not only a great toy, but also has the advantage of promoting the development of your babies. This plush animal is ideal for babies and toddlers! The animated Teddy can speak and raises his arms up and down to play and hide. BabyBear is the little ones' new best friend! This toy helps your baby understand his environment better. Peek-a-boo helps your baby train his perception. In this game, the player, often the caregiver, keeps his hands in front of his eyes. Then the playmate takes his hands off again and calls “boo” or “peek-a-boo”. This interaction with a child can start from six months-old. For small children up to 18 months-old, the concept of permanence is not fully developed yet. Objects outside their field of vision, even if only restricted, for example by a hand held in front of the eyes, to some extent cease to exist for them. Through this Peek-a-boo game, babies learn to perceive their environment playfully. BabyBear plays "Peek-a-Boo" with your baby, picks up his little blanket to hide before pulling it back down and showing his face. With this, the fluffy cuddly animal is guaranteed to make everyone laugh! He's your baby's new best friend. Just press the on/off button to make it start. He fascinates both babies and adults!


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  • High-quality
  • Sure
  • More wellbeing for your children
  • Original gift idea and highly amusing
  • Filled, soft, interactive, ringing, educational
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Warning: Keep him away from fire.
  • Age: up to 6 years-old
  • Material: Cotton
  • Filling: PP Cotton

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