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A blanket always provides a comfortable feeling. It keeps us warm and is wonderful for snuggles. But this weighted blanket can do so much more.

This blanket is heavier than "normal" duvets . The deep pressure exerted by its weight has a relaxing effect on the joints, muscles and tendons.

Being covered with this weight helps us relax and sleep even better. The weighted cover is particularly helpful for people who suffer from stress, anxiety and sleeping disorders. This blanket can also accompany children suffering from developmental disorders and ADHD into a calmer sleep. But even adults suffering from Down's or Asperger's syndromes, or from autism for example, can use the weighted cover to relax their body. The warming duvet is filled with a mix of polyester pellets. These are of course non-toxic and tasteless. The pellets spread out simultaneously and thus ensure an even weight distribution. This weight will depend on the body-weight and height of the customer. It is important to choose the weight correctly (10% of the body-weight).

We do not recommend this blanket if you suffer from respiratory disorders, such as asthma or sleep apnea, or if you have problems with your heart and blood pressure. Diabetes patients and people with kidney problems (especially dialysis patients) should also talk to their doctor before using this blanket. You should always be able to remove the blanket yourself. Infants under 5 years-old or under 20 kg should always use the blanket under supervision. When children use the blanket alone, they should always be able to remove it easily. 


  • Material: External cover: 100% cotton, Filling: Polyester Pellets
  • Therapeutic effect for children and adults
  • Please refer to the table below for the personal size of the duvet.

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