5 characteristics to achieve high well-being

5 characteristics to achieve high well-being

Stress is unavoidable in modern life, but it doesn’t have to get you down. Small changes can make a big difference. To achieve a sustainable change in your wellbeing you need to know and understand 5 important characteristics of people with high well-being.

5 characteristics of people that have high well-beingEnthusiastic people are more friendly, fun and sociable. Positive thinking and emotions help them develop better relationships with themselves, family and colleagues. They easily open up emotionally and enjoy a sense of life satisfaction and achievement.

People with low withdrawal are happier and at peace with themselves. Being in complete control of your senses, desires, mood, and life helps you be less neurotic, not easily embarrassed or overwhelmed and have a greater sense of autonomy.

Another feature of high well-being is industriousness. Industrious people are self-disciplined, purposeful and focussed on achievement. They put passion in everything they do, and do not easily quit and persevere to attain their goals.

Caring about others' wellbeing, helps you improve your own. Kindness, agreeableness and empathy, these all stand for compassion.

5 characteristics of people that have high well-beingCuriosity - and we are not talking here about street gossip or curiosity killed the cat. Intellectual curiosity - Thinking deeply and learning about complex matters and engaging your brain in philosophical and intellectual thoughts. Intellectual curiosity leads to greater self-acceptance, autonomy, personal growth, purpose, and accomplishment.

With a series of small measures and changes in your daily life you also can achieve high wellbeing and lead a happier, healthier and balanced life!

5 characteristics of people that have high well-being

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